How it works

Before you pick up that phone here are the rules for Beer and Wine delivery:
> If you don't have a VALID LEGAL form of I.D.then you are not qualified for alcohol delivery.
> If you are too inebriated (Slurring words, Etc.) We are not legally allowed to serve you.
> If you have what we think are underage people around you we will not deliver. UNLESS everyone is able to provide I.D.
> No matter how many times we've delivered to you, we will ask for I.D. EVERYTIME.

> Our Liquor delivery drivers are trained to identify counterfeit I.D.'s so please don't try..

$5.00 Plus 10% of the SUBTOTAL Orders over $60 are $5.00 + 5% of subtotal
Veterans/Active military/Law enforcement $5.00 flat rate.
Please call our number below or Email us at
We deal in cash only, The driver will come to your location and check your ID then you will pay the driver for the cost of the items, the driver will get your goods then bring back your reciept of purchase and your change, you will need to pay the driver for the service fee.  You may tip the driver if you would like.

Red Wine

White Wines