Jefe Arley Pizza

We deliver from ANY grocery store or Restaurant in town to ANYWHERE in the Mountain Home Area or AFB.

We do not raise the grocery prices, You pay what the store charges. We'll even give you the original store receipt.

Restaurant Deliveries... $10.00 flat rate

Wal-mart pickup... $10.00 flat rate.

Our delivery fees are as follows:

Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated.

"Hot Shot"

Immediate delivery of groceries $50.00 or less = $15.00

"Standard Delivery"

Deliveries requested 24 hours in advance up to $200.00 with scheduled delivery time = $20.00

"Large Delivery"

Deliveries requested 24 hours in advance above $200.00 with scheduled delivery time = 10% of total grocery cost.

We accept cash and credit/debit cards right at your door with triple encrypted card processors.


Customers must place their order in 24 hours in advance.

"Hot shot" orders are the exception.


You can call us at 208-850-3068 or Email your request to:

Please include:




Tell us if substitutions are acceptable if we can't find your brand.

We deal in cash only, The driver will come to your location and check your ID then you will pay the driver for the cost of the items, the driver will get your goods then bring back your reciept of purchase and your change, you will need to pay the driver for the service fee.  You may tip the driver if you would like.